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Level-up your Yard Operations

Gatego lets you take control and have complete visibility of trailers at a yard in an easy-to-use platform. Centralize your data and prevent costly inventory-related errors.

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Digitalize your trailer yard operations

Shippers, drivers, and service providers are all depending on your ability to provide accurate and timely information. Empower your team to provide the service your brand deserves.

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Check out our top features

Gatego is feature-packed with everything you need. Control every aspect of your yard from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Fast gate check in process

Log all your movements rapidly with autofill, reducing wait times for drivers, leading to faster deliveries and higher customer satisfaction.

Easy-to-use check-in form.
Enter once and autofill saved trucks, trailers, and drivers.
Detailed check-ins with photo proof, trailer status, and attachments for better visibility.

Real time inventory across multiple yards & multiple carriers

Have complete visibility of your assets, empowering you to make better decisions, increase trailer utilization and prevent costly inventory-related errors.

Easily check trailers, forget repeated yard checks.
View historical data quickly, no need for archives.
Advanced search and filters to get business insights.

Offline mobile app

Manage your yard efficiently even without a constant internet connection. Coming soon.

Data is saved offline and automatically syncs when connected to an internet connection.
Keep movements flowing and never cause delays due to wifi issues.

Issue reporting

Stay ahead of trailer and truck issues with fast issue logging and asset condition transparency, enabling you to solve them quickly before they become major problems.

Prevent costly bottlenecks and trailer rejections.
Avoid damage complaints from issues you weren't responsible for.

How Gatego works

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Always improving, continuously innovating

We work hard to make gatego the best platform to power your yard, with innovative features that disrupt the industry standard. Here are some examples.

Smart AutofillIcon

Smart Autofill

Our intelligent autofill system makes checking in faster than paper.

ID ScanningIcon

ID Scanning

Our AI ID Scanning speeds up check-ins reducing frustrating lines.

AES 128Icon

AES 128

We use AES 128 military-grade encryption to keep your data safe.



All your data is always up to date and can run on any modern device.

Open APIsIcon

Open APIs

Need a custom integration? Our API allows you to extend gatego.

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Live Chat

We are always available to help you. Don’t believe us? Send us a message!

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Gatego lets you take control and have complete visibility of trailers at a yard in an easy-to-use platform.

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