Manage your trailer yard efficiently

Gatego lets you take control and have full visibility of trailers at a yard in an easy-to-use platform.


How Gatego works

Our dashboard allows for faster and more accurate tracking of your assets. Our workflow simplifies the process and reduces errors.

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Discover the power and versatility of gatego, designed to suit any workflow.

Faster Check-ins

Checking-in takes just a few clicks, let gatego autofill the information.

Gatego Intelligence

Let AI and autofill do the work, reducing errors and time spent checking in.

Your data.

Your data is safe. We use state-of-the-art, military-grade encryption.

Real-time Management

There is no need to wait to analyse your data, everything is a button away.

Open & Extendable

With our easy to use API you can truly make gatego yours easily.

Full Automation

Coming Soon. A new way to control your yard and extend its working hours.

Gatego can help you scale internationally

Thanks to our all-in-one dashboard you can easily check on your yards around the world with just a few clicks..

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The most innovative businesses choose Gatego, why not yours?

Stop struggling with trailer yards. Start using gatego to move your business forward.

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